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Facilitating a deep learning experience and creating synergy between the audience and faculty, in-person and online, so that everyone is a part of a coherent, fulfilling learning experience.


We go deep into the mindset of the audience to identify how they prefer the knowledge to be served.


Often, scientific committees prioritize bringing together the forefront of science and knowledge and breakthrough speakers when forming the congress programme. However, only a few of them take it to the next level and create session formats that support their speakers and ensure that their presentations contribute to the whole programme. They also rarely work with moderators and session chairs to support them in creating synergy and meaningful discussions between their speakers.

The key to knowledge curation is to ensure that it is engaging, easy to consume online and onsite, live and on-demand. That is stimulating for the audience and facilitating a 360` learning experience. 

We work with programme committees hand in hand, suggest new education opportunities and session formats. We go deep into the session structure, support speakers in setting clear learning outcomes and preparing presentations that fit the way participants 'consume' knowledge online. We work with moderators to build a valuable 360-degree discussion with both onsite and online audience.  



Our mission is to empower associations to provide true value to their community, sponsors and exhibitors. We guide associations to fulfil their long-term goals in the digital and hybrid models by identifying their opportunities, manage risks, and cultivate growth and higher financial return. Our expertise with congress and educational programmes  combined with 20 years of experience with medical and scientific associations allows us to address the challenges and maximise the potential that the hybrid concept offers.

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